About us


Our secret for months now revealed! 

Challenging economic downtrends has brought not just demise but also opportunities , opportunities that are seldom seen in the most serene. Ideas which are birth-forth not by brilliance but in the mystery of the divine . It would be tempting to claim glory on our own at the start but it will be best to erase that baseless longing and acknowledge in the beginning that the idea and the opportunity why the model was in concept comes from God, with that “ To GOD be ALL the glory !”. 

The need to adjust to changing times are keys to survival in this ever changing platform , habits of convenience also change from a bayong to market to cart in a supermarket and now in the digital era , Palengke Boy introduces the Philippines first digital wet market app it is marketing with a bayong in a mobile phone ( android or iOS), iPad,tablet or in a PC with goods delivered right into your homes and offices having the same price in the main market, weights are guaranteed accurate and freshness intact. With the new technology we will beat inflation and save time. 

The math will show that our habits of convenience had made our lifestyles very expensive. This new app will be an anti thesis to that! Palengke Boy will open its online store starting July 7, 2018 download our app and start registering to ready yourself for savings and beat inflation! 

Palengke Boy is an affiliate of The Universal Towers Cafe’ Supplies, Mindanao’s first online cafe’ and restaurant supplies site made active in 2017 

Palengke Boy is a patented model for online marketing and advertising.

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